Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just how dangerous is the Internet to children?

An interesting blog on this question is found at Monkey Speaks. Walter Minkel suggests that is not as bad you think it is and gives a few numbers to back his thoughts.

If you read the blog and his observations are true, do you believe it all about newspapers wanting to scare people away from Internet just so they will read newspapers instead? I don't. I believe it more because people do not understand the technology, and therefore don't trust it. Your thoughts?

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Walter said...

Hi. This is Walter Minkel from The Monkey Speaks. I don't believe newspapers are trying to scare people from the Net; I agree with you, that many parents don't understand the Net well enough to feel comfortable with their kids using it. I do feel that the media (both online & on paper) sensationalize everything to get more attention. --W