Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Go Green and Kill the Screen Savers

I just read on Yahoo Green! that screen savers are no longer necessary if you have a flat screen LCD monitor. One large telephone company took all the screen savers off their computers and that alone saved tons of carbon dioxide.

Tasha Tudor Dies

Tasha Tudor died June 18 at the age of 92. Her illustrations were the first ones I fell in love with when I discovered children's literature. Her illustrations were also the first ones I was able to recognize upon first seeing. In reading about her evidently she was "green" before it was chic to do. The New York Times obituary said, "She wore kerchiefs, hand-knitted sweaters, fitted bodices and flowing skirts, and often went barefoot. She reared her four children in a home without electricity or running water until her youngest turned 5. She raised her own farm animals; turned flax she had grown into clothing; and lived by homespun wisdom: sow root crops on a waning moon, above-ground plants on a waxing one."

Another trait she was known for was being optimistic. Somehow I saw that in her works.